Sans [ceuticals] Hair Wash

$ 28.00

Nourishing Hair Wash is designed for hair that is either chemically challenged or feeling dry.

Balancing Hair Wash is designed to maintain hair's condition and shine. A great formulation for short hair, men's hair, and hair that's not too chemically challenged.

To Use: Hair wash has a reduced foaming action thanks to its 100% sulfate-free status, making it easier for the environment, kinder on your colour and gentler on your skin and hair.

Pure, highly active and free of any nasty chemicals, Sans [ceuticals] is a collection of products designed to renew the texture and appearance of your skin and hair.  Using active vitamin technology proven effective in rigorous scientific trials, it contains no harmful elements and uses sustainably harvested ingredients.

In French, sans means without. All Sans [ceuticals] ingredients are pure and sustainable, with no harmful additives. Made fresh in small batches, the collection is 100 percent naturally derived.

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