Ursa Major Edie Bangle

$ 203.00 $ 290.00

Sleek and simple Ursa Major Edie Bangle

Heavy-weighted bangle with nuance lines

Material: Solid brass with an additive in the alloy that hinders tarnish

One Size

Sold individually

Designed and made in California

 About the designer:

With a childhood somewhere between the Caribbean and Maine, moving from a sailboat named, Ursa Major, to a house on a salt marsh, the inspirations for this work are wide and varied but always reminiscent of the stillness of the sea.

Ursa Major jewelry was started in NYC by designer, Kate Jones, in 2009.  Currently based in Maine and New York City, all jewelry is handmade in house using the most careful eye and finest materials.... Designed to be contemporary, yet timeless.  Subtle, yet distinct.  The definition of a modern heirloom.  


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